Due to the overwhelming interest in reserving a table at the Red Lion for our Live shows, we have put together an easy way to accommodate you.

1. Call The Red Lion at 970.476.7676 and let us know the date(s) you are interested in or email us at   (10am MST is the best time to call us).

2. Please specify the area or specific seating you would like to reserve. (Table 3 or 4, see below)

3. “HIGH TOP TABLES” : Table 4 is closest to the stage by the windows, Table 3 is one back from the stage by the windows. Table 3 and 4 require a $500 minimum spending per table in the winter and a $300 minimum spending per table in the summer. Both of these tables seat 8 (on barstools), but afford a great standing area for up to 12 people. Your reservation allows a max of 12 guests per table. If you have more than 12 guests we recommend that you reserve 2 tables.

4. In the WINTER for Apres Ski seating your reservation starts at 3:30pm and you must all be present by 3:45pm. (No exceptions!) The minimum required spending must be met by 6pm, however if you would like, you are welcome to remain at the table after the show until 8pm. For the night show seating your reservation starts at 8:30pm and you must all be present by 8:45pm. (No exceptions). We do not offer reservations starting later than 8:30pm.  In the SUMMER, your reservation will start at 7:30pm and all guests must be here by 7:45pm. (If you would like to come in earlier in the summer please just let us know) Any seats not filled by 3:45, 8:45 and 7:45 respectively will be considered open seating.

The “minimum charge” concept is the best value for the customer. We know that most of you, who will do this type of reserving, spend this amount anyway. The “reservation minimum” is not a table charge rather it applies directly to your tab! Of course, if you spend less than your minimum, we will “add up” to the agreed minimum amounts, (plus 20%, gratuity).

We reserve the right to help you drink responsibly. Our hope is that your bill is a responsible mix of food and beverages. NO SKI ATTIRE (ski/sb boots, ski/sb pants, helmets, or goggles) AND NO ONE UNDER 21 ALLOWED IN THE BAR AFTER 9PM.

This is a great way to accommodate you and your friends. We love it because we know you are coming and you’ll love it because you are guaranteed a spot for the show at the Red Lion! This is a tried and successful concept for The Red Lion. It is important that the procedures are followed to minimize any confusion.

Just call 970.476.7676 or email us at